Quality Control

Checking, testing and taking pride in our work

Quality Assured

It is all too easy to say that something is right because it works but just because it works does not make it right.  We have learnt and we continue to learn that making something right involves understanding the customer, you, and understanding the customer's customer.

The first phase on Quality Control for us is to make sure we understand you, your business and your customer needs.  Once we have that in place we have the basis of ensuring our Quality Control Processes will meet and hopefully exceed yours and your customer expecations.

We carry out all the normal testing processes such as:

  • Browser compatability
  • Device compatability
  • Speed
  • etc

But we also carry out user experience testing.  Users being you on the back end and your customers on the front end.

If you would like to know more about how we approach Quality Control please do get in touch with us.

Over the coming months we shall be adding tips and advice on implementing your own processes to maintain your Quality Control with your website.


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