Project Management

How we manage delivery of our projects

All Projects Treated Equal

We take great pride in our work.  For us no matter how big or how small the work we are completing we set the same rules in terms of project management and communication.

In terms of how we project manage you might define our project management style as Waterfall rather than Agile.  However, we do not believe in categorising how we project manage as that creates constraint.  We treat all projects as individual and will implement a delivery solution that is best for the project.

The most crucial part of the process is not how we do it but how we manage and communicate throughout the process to ensure that all parties know what to expect, when to expect it, who is doing what and what is expected from all those involved in the project delivery.

If you have any questions about our Project Management Process or would like some information on how we communicate during the process please get in touch.


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