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Support Service Level Agreements

When you need support we are here to help, no matter what. We provide all our customers support for their website and hosting related issues.  
Download our Support Service Level Agreement documentation to see the full details of how we support your business on-line.
Supporting your website is critical to your business.  We offer two types of options to all our customers.

Ad-hoc / Pay As You Go.
This works well for many of our customers giving you them option to pay an hourly rate for any required system updates, content changes, search engine optimisation or any other type of changes/fixes required on their website as and when needed.  We charge our standard hourly rate for planned work within the development timeline and a priority charge for those that require more urgent action.

Monthly support and maintenance package.
Details of these can be seen below.  A monthly plan is more cost effective if you have more frequent updates or you require the comfort of knowing our support team is available at short notice.


Ideal for brochure websites, blogs and smaller businesses

  • 1 day response time
  • 90 minutes of 'FREE' maintenance & support per month
  • Maximum 10 working day resolution (depending on the scale and amount of work)

£60+vat PCM

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Premium Ideal for busy websites and web applications

  • 4 hour response time
  • 180 minutes of 'FREE' maintenance & support per month
  • Maximum of 7 working day resolution (depending on the scale and amount of work)

£100+vat PCM

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Ideal for large lead generation websites and business critical applications

  • 1 hour response time
  • 240 minutes of FREE maintenance & support per month
  • Monthly site health check for broken links and contact for functionality
  • 24/7 site uptime monitoring
  • Maximum 5 working day resolution (depending on the scale and amount of work)

£250+vat PCM

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